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A handful of Why Make Sense? reviews…

Reviews are starting to come in for the new album – word is pretty damn positive so far.

“A meaty electro-grooving celebration of love, hope, dancing and the freedom not to act logically… In a world of over-emoting, over-promising pop, sometimes it’s the quiet men who deliver.” Q 4*

“Stripped back to basics and muttering against the machines, they’ve never come on so strong.” NME 8/10

“The logical progression for a band who know exactly what they are doing” MOJO ­ 4*

“The slow jams are pleasingly sentimental, the arrangements spacious, except for ‘Need You Now’, a claustrophobic four-to-the-floor that conveys their anxiety at living in a world rife with terror.”­ Uncut ­ 8/10

“This is the sound of a band still exploring after 15 years, of working out what they want to sound like, where to go next, and most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it.”­ DIY ­ 4*

Why Make Sense? is released on May 18th – it’s available to pre-order from iTunes or the Domino Mart.