Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin Casino Guide We’re living in an ever changing world and if we’ve learned anything from the difficulties of the past year it’s that we rely heavily on the online world. Whether it’s playing our favourite casino games, ordering food online or making various transactions of one kind of another, almost every aspect of life is now shifting from offline to online. Case in point, in thinking about it, it must be a good 6 months since I’ve even used physical cash!

At the forefront of digital payments are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is born out by the rocketing value of this and other crypto options over the past year or so (and consistent spikes in value prior to this). What once was viewed as a gimmicky is now well established with the likes of billionaire Elon Musk stating his support and putting money where his mouth is by with a $1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase via Tesla (and the decision to accept Bitcoin as a payment option). It’s changing the way that millions of people both do business, and spend money. Over time, it’s hard to deny that it goes from strength to strength in the realm of online casinos too, with countless new bitcoin games out there to play.

In a virtual environment (online gaming and gambling) it’s really surprising that it took so long for an equally virtual currency like Bitcoin to catch on, but now there’s no turning back. Of course the same casino experience is on offer no matter how to pay, and all top and trusted sites adhere to the same rules and regulations of the industry so your money is safe. With more and more sites allowing you be deposit cryptocurrencies it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a firm favourite with online casino fans. There can be so many hoops to jump through with debit, credit card or bank transfer gambler many people are now often opting for a more secure and efficient way to pay – and that’s what Bitcoin offers. Indeed casino sites make up a significant percentage of payments now made using the virtual currency – seen by many as the preferable option. There are now several exclusively ‘crypto casinos’ , as casino sites are moving with the times.

Once you’ve deposited your Bitcoin payment, it’s all about focusing on playing and winning. Lots of casino sites, in this highly competitive environment have sign up bonuses, free spins, and regular incentives for loyal players, and so that in itself is a big bonus when compared to ‘real life’ casinos. And of course, online, all of your favourites games (and then some!) and still available. So whether you’re a big fan of strategic games like poker, or rely more on lady luck with a focus on roulette, and slots there is something for everyone. With the latter example alone (slots) there are are so many more options online than off, with countless fun and themed slot games available to play right now.

So with this in mind, it’s well worth making Bitcoin casinos your go-to option for online gambling. Easy, convenient, secure, What’s not to like?

Movies – Hard Eight

Movies - Hard Eight Originally titled ‘Sydney’, after the main protagonist, played by Philip Baker Hall, ‘Hard Eight’ is a 1996 crime drama film, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. For the uninitiated, in casino craps, a shooter can roll an eight with two dice in one of five ways, two and six, six and two, three and five, five and three or four and four, but only the latter is known as a ‘hard eight’ and pays odds of 9/1.

Although set in contemporary, modern times, ‘Hard Eight’ features a tough, morally ambiguous main protagonist and a bleak, cynical outlook, characteristic of the filmmaking style known as ‘film noir’. Indeed, Paul Thomas Anderson conceded that the 1956 French gangster film ‘Bob Le Flambeur’, which is considered a film noir, was a major influence on ‘Hard Eight’, which is sometimes described as ‘neo-noir’.

The aforementioned Sydney, an aging, but apparently affable and successful, professional gambler, first encounters confirmed also-ran John (John C. Riley) at a diner in the middle of the Nevada desert but, having befriended the younger man, offers to show him the tricks of the trade. Back in Reno, John initially earns himself a complimentary room with the so-called ‘rate card trick’ and, over the next year or two, develops into a successful small-time professional gambler in his own right.

John falls for, and eventually marries, Clementine (Gwyneth Paltrow), a cocktail waitress and occasional prositute, and befriends Jimmy, a vulgar casino security man. Jimmy later holds Sydney at gunpoint and threatens to reveal that he killed John’s father unless he pays blackmail. Jimmy demands $10,000, but Sydney agrees, and later pays, $6,000. Jimmy plays craps with the money, winning $18,000 courtesy of a $2,000 bet on a ‘hard eight’ but, on his return, Sydney reveals his treu colours, shooting him dead and recovering his money, with interest.

Slots Crazy – Having the Best Value Slots Experience

Slots Crazy - Having the Best Value Slots Experience For many at this time, life has been pretty much on hold and access to bricks and mortar casinos (or anywhere for that matter) put firmly on the ‘back burner’ in most nations. Prior to recent times, for some of us, casinos had proved to be the occasional ‘unwind’ that we wanted and also were fun times spent with friends or family. For roulette and slots fans like myself, online casinos have become a legitimate alternative – providing an at-home casino experience. Try rtp slots on Johnslots for instance, and you’ll soon release what you’ve been missing. With so many original and inventive slots to play there are no shortage of options close to hand.

RTP slots are also a responsible option when compared to many other online slots game types. RTP, meaning ‘Return To Player’ value, essentially informs you of how much of a house edge this particular slots game has over the long term. That way you’re fully informed as you play and are able to enjoy playing with all of the facts to hand, rather than using guesswork or being under the illusion that an outcome is more likely than it actually is. Some slots even have an RTP of between 98-99% which really does give the casino only a small edge and is impressive in comparison to many real world slots machines. Of course even the official stats won’t hold true for every single instance of play but that can work for you as much as against, as lady luck is often something that goes hand-in-hand with playing any casino game.

Case in point is roulette, it’s one game with a small house edge, but really does have some wild swings of fortune this way and that. Of course there are many different approaches (as in, if you stick with a single number of a prolonged period, while it may soon come up, statistically it could take a good while to!) but even with that in mind, it’s amazing to see the winning runs – or its opposite – that can occur. It’s all part of the casino experience though and when your luck is in it really can be an unrivaled experience!

With all casino games it of course pays (in more ways than one) to set your own limits, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be playing games where there’s only a small house edge, as that isn’t true of all casino games out there. Getting more bang for your buck and giving yourself the best chance possible to come out of top (even if you don’t have an expectation as such of winning anyway) is a good strategy for anything in life really.

Top six facts about Blackjack

Top six facts about Blackjack

The earliest recorded game of Blackjack dates all the way back to the 16th century, making it one of the oldest and most popular casino games around. Since then, Blackjack has only continued to evolve, and you can now play Blackjack online or even live, somewhere like Karamba live casino, maintaining its place at the top of the casino scene.

With such a long and rich history, there are a whole host of Blackjack facts and findings that you may not have heard before. Read on if you want to be in the know – and wow your friends with the following top six Blackjack facts.

  1. Keeping things natural

The chance of getting a “natural” outcome of 21 is around 4.8% based on a single Blackjack deck. This will of course change depending on how many decks of cards are being used in a game – if you’re opting to play live action Blackjack then as many as eight decks can be used at one time.

  1. Unlucky for some

Ending up with a total of 16 is the worst hand that anyone can be dealt in a game of Blackjack. However, you’ll be interested to know, it’s actually one of the most frequent hands.

  1. Find your edge

Blackjack has one of the smallest house edges out of all of the top casino games. In its classic form, Blackjack has an impressively high return to player (RTP) rate, all thanks to that minimal house edge. The RTP will usually equal somewhere around 99.87% – making it well worth a game or two.

  1. The curse of a winning streak

When it comes to Blackjack, a streak is actually considered to be an extremely unlikely feat. Finding yourself in some kind of a streak is essentially just an old wives’ tale. When you join a game of Blackjack, you will have up to three possible outcomes – win, lose or a tie/push. On average, you will have roughly a 50% chance of losing, 42% chance of winning, and an 8% likelihood of a push. After each win, there will be less of a chance of landing another, with the likelihood of having seven wins in a row pitched at around 0.99%.

  1. Napoleon’s court

Back in 18th century France, Blackjack was known as “Vingt-et-un” and was often played in the royal courts. None other than Napoleon Bonaparte, the famed military leader and Emperor of France, was one of the many historical figures who found a place in their heart for the iconic game. Upon his infamous exile on Elba, Napoleon really got to perfect his Blackjack-playing skills, also forming the belief that the game was so captivating that he banned his soldiers from playing so that they wouldn’t be distracted!

  1. Know your goals

On the surface, you might think that the objective in Blackjack is just to reach 21. However, if you’re a true Blackjack aficionado, then you’ll know that the actual objective is to beat the dealer. This isn’t to say that reaching 21 won’t help your cause, but that shouldn’t be your main focus.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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