Casino Chip World Record Update from Gregg Fisher

“We have now finished the authentication process, photos of every chip, video of the counting ( 2,222 ).

The chips are on display at Spinettis, will be Monday-Wednesday the 27-29th.

I will remove the chips and tokens on Thursday, and, start my Guinness display with the MoGH.

My goal is to finish all the paperwork by the end of the week.

After submission, I wait 12 weeks for my approval ( hopefully ).

Should be a formality, we did everything exactly like last year.

Thanks again for your continued support, I can’t thank you enough.

Stay safe and healthy


1st October Update:

The Guinness world records project is finished, I broke the record.
This morning I took all 2,222 chips and tokens out of the display and into the MoGH display.
We will start the paperwork tomorrow and hopefully finish early next week.
Once the paperwork is sent, I wait 12 weeks for Guinness to certify the record (as it’s currently pending).
Fingers crossed.
Casino Chip World Record Update from Gregg Fisher


For those unable to make it (not uncommon in the current climate!) check out this video tour of the Museum of Gaming History’s Exhibitions at Spinettis:


Attempt at World’s Record Casino Chips Collection on Display

Attempt at World’s Record Casino Chips Collection on Display  LAS VEGAS (September 23, 2021) — For Las Vegan Gregg Fisher, double-deuces are wild. If his current collection of 2,222 casino chips and tokens are approved, he will almost triple the current Guinness World’s Record. As part of the record attempt, all 2,222 items will be publicly displayed next week.

Fisher, a member of the Casino Collectibles Association, holds the current Guinness World Record for the world’s largest collection of casino chips and tokens – 818, each from different casinos. The process of authenticating, counting, and photographing each piece of his entire expanded collection of 2,222 pieces takes place over a four-day span at Spinettis Gaming Supplies, 810 S. Commerce Street in Las Vegas. The entire new potential record-setting collection can be viewed by the public there from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. this Monday through Wednesday, September 27th through 29th.

“The record is based on the largest number of items over a single subject in a private personal collection,” says Fisher. “In this case, only one chip or token from a specific casino is counted. So, in my case, the number of items in this Guinness World Record represents the same number of different casinos. I cannot thank Spinettis enough for all of the assistance provided on my record quest.”

Two qualified independent witnesses from Spinettis, as confirmed by Guinness, must document the collection, and submit a statement of their daily activities involved in the process. As part of the process, the collection must be put on public display for three days for review and challenge.

After everything is submitted to Guinness World Records, the twelve-week review process starts, and the wait for acceptance begins. It should be noted that about 40% of all Guinness World Record attempts fail because of the lack of perfect paperwork.

If approved, the new world’s largest casino chip and token collection, as recognized by Guinness World Records, will also be on display at the Casino Collectibles Association’s (CCA) 29th annual show, June 16-18, 2022, at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The show is open to the public and offers the unique opportunity to examine, buy, sell, trade or evaluate casino collectibles and memorabilia. It features museum-like exhibits and dealers of casino memorabilia from all over the world.

Low Roller

Low Roller

Smiley by name, but certainly not by nature. We’ve found the low roller guys.

Things You Should Know About Roulette

Things You Should Know About Roulette  Would you like to know how to play roulette? This is one of the most popular games you are going to find in a casino. Indeed, this has also happened online and a lot of players make bets on roulette every day. The rules are relatively simple and you can play even without a difficult strategy in mind. But, before you start playing and making your first bet, here are some times you should know about roulette.

Some Players Say There are Safe Bets

First of all, we should point out and remind you that roulette is a betting game. You are gambling with real money online or if you are in a casino. Therefore, there is no such thing as a safe bet when you play this game. You are always going to have the opportunity to lose money with every bet you make. Indeed, you want to win. But, this is something that you have to be prepared for. So, when we talk about ‘safe bets’, this is a figure of speech.

But, there are some roulette bets that are classed as ‘safer’ than others. The reason they gain this nickname is that you can have a 50 percent chance of winning with the bet. For example, this happens with an odds or even bet, as well as red or black and high or low. Thus, you have the best opportunity to win. For example, you can try this with a lightning roulette game.

There is American and European Roulette

If you are new to roulette, you might not realise that there are different variations of this popular game. It is important you know the difference before you play. Namely, you are going to come across American roulette and European roulette. These are the most common that you will find in casinos and online.

In American roulette, you are going to find 38 numbers, a 0 and a double 0. When it comes to European roulette, there are 37 numbers and a 0. Thus, there is no double 00 on the table for you to use. People prefer to play European roulette since the American roulette table offers a house advantage.

Avoid Lucky Numbers

Of course, you want to have fun when you are playing roulette. That is the point of the game and you want to enjoy yourself when you are gambling. But, one thing that a lot of novice players do is choose lucky numbers. This is something that means you need luck in order to win.

It is always best to have a strategy when it comes to roulette. It is better to diversify your bets and avoid just choosing lucky numbers that mean something to you. You have to play with your head and not your heart when it comes to gambling. If you do lose money on roulette, remember to never chase your losses. In other words, do not play with more money in order to recover what you have lost. This is something that never works and it can actually mean that you lose more money.