3 Live Games Changing How We View Casino Games

Live casino games have become a huge part of the gambling industry in the last few years, introducing many new elements that have changed how we think about casino gameplay. The following are three of the most influential titles and how they’ve made a difference in the way we play.

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Crazy Time Live Helped Introduce the Wheel Format

Evolution launched this game in 2020, although it only reached the American market in 2023. Crazy Time Live has proved to be one of the most influential casino games of recent years, as it helped to introduce the concept of a live human dealer spinning a wheel and potentially leading the player into one of several bonus games. Each segment has a different prize or feature marked on it, with players waiting to see where it stops spinning.

A look at a real-money live casino reveals several other games that have a similar format. Money Drop Live and Spin a Win Live are based on a “wheel of fortune” type of presentation with the different segments on the wheel each representing a win amount or a bonus game. Funky Time Live takes a similar idea but adds a fresh theme and some new features.

Deal or No Deal Live Is Based on a Much-Loved TV Brand

This popular TV franchise recently got taken off the TV schedules in the UK but has reached online casinos with a game split over several rounds. The game begins with a Qualifying Wheel and you’ll then see the host standing beside some briefcases where prize amounts are tucked away out of sight. It doesn’t follow the flow of the original show exactly, but there are enough similarities to make it feel like an interesting variation of what we’ve watched on the screen.

A growing number of other live games are based on big-brand games. Monopoly Live and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Live Roulette are a couple of good examples of how this works. These games have helped blur the lines between board games, TV games, and live casino games in a trend that we can expect to see continuing.

Boom City Adds Dice and a Virtual Wall of Symbols

The content creators at Pragmatic Play have taken an alternative approach with their Boom City game. While it shares the idea of a live human presenter with the other games we’ve looked at, it introduces a wall of symbols on a virtual grid that sits behind the presenter. The gameplay involves a couple of traditional dice and several bonus rounds.

A similar type of gameplay can also be seen in Snakes and Ladders Live or Big Bad Wolf Live. These games feature props such as dice and walls of symbols to create new ways of playing. With themes based on everything from classic board games to the most popular slot machines, there’s no sign of the creators of these games running out of inspiration any time soon.

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The Way Ahead

These games reveal the diversity of the live casino sector right now. By adding different themes and features, this industry has moved in many different directions that add appeal for players with varying tastes and interests.

“Luck of the Irish”: Exploring How Irish People Try Their Luck Online, Including Irish Online Casinos

The phrase “Luck of the Irish” has long been associated with a sense of good fortune and serendipity. In modern times, this notion extends to the digital realm, where Irish people embrace various online activities to try their luck and seek excitement. From online shopping to gaming and betting, the allure of testing one’s fortune online has captivated individuals across the Emerald Isle. In this article, we delve into how Irish people try their luck online, with a particular focus on the thriving world of Irish online casinos.

1. Online Shopping: Seeking Deals and Treasures

a. Tech-Savvy Shoppers:

  • Irish consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping platforms to find deals and treasures from the comfort of their homes. From electronics to fashion and beyond, the convenience of e-commerce appeals to those seeking to snag a bargain.

b. Hunting for Discounts:

  • With a keen eye for savings, Irish shoppers browse through various online retailers, comparing prices and hunting for discounts. From flash sales to seasonal promotions, the thrill of scoring a great deal adds to the excitement of online shopping.

c. Exploring New Horizons:

  • Online shopping allows Irish consumers to explore a vast array of products and brands, including those from international markets. The ability to access goods from around the world enhances the sense of adventure and possibility.

2. Gaming and Betting: Embracing Entertainment and Chance

a. Gambling Culture:

  • Ireland has a rich tradition of gambling, and this culture extends to the online sphere. Irish people enjoy a variety of gaming and betting activities, from sports betting to casino games, seeking entertainment and the chance to win big.

b. Irish Online Casinos:

  • The popularity of Irish online casinos has surged in recent years, offering a diverse range of games and experiences tailored to local preferences. From slots and table games to live dealer options, Irish players have ample opportunities to test their luck and skills.

c. Responsible Gaming:

  • While the thrill of gambling is undeniable, Irish players prioritize responsible gaming practices, emphasizing fun and entertainment over excessive risk-taking. Licensed and regulated online casinos promote responsible gaming initiatives to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

3. Exploring Irish Online Casinos: A Closer Look

a. Local Favorites:

  • Irish online casinos cater to local tastes and preferences, featuring themes, promotions, and events inspired by Irish culture and traditions. Players can enjoy a sense of familiarity and connection while exploring their favorite games.

b. Secure and Trustworthy Platforms:

  • Reputable Irish online casinos prioritize security and trustworthiness, employing state-of-the-art encryption technology and adhering to strict regulatory standards. Players can feel confident knowing their personal and financial information is protected.

c. Variety of Games:

  • Irish online casinos offer a diverse selection of games to suit every taste and preference. From classic slots with Irish themes to immersive live dealer experiences, there’s something for every type of player to enjoy.

As Irish people embrace the “Luck of the Irish” in the digital age, online activities offer a gateway to excitement, entertainment, and the chance to strike it lucky. Whether shopping for deals, spinning the reels at an online casino, or placing a bet on their favorite sports team, Irish individuals relish the opportunity to test their fortune and indulge in a bit of fun. With secure and trustworthy platforms at their fingertips, the online world becomes a realm of endless possibilities, where luck and adventure await around every corner.

Can You Remember Slot Gambler Dr Martha Ogman?

The name may sound familiar. Writing this article I had to revisit the scene of the ‘crime’ and Louis Theroux’s entertaining Gambling In Las Vegas. Aired on BBC 2 back in 2007 he followed a selection of gamblers including ‘The Mattress King’, ‘Whale Hunter’ Rich Wilk and hapless salesmen John & Tim.

After almost two decades this 60-minute documentary is still considered a work of art. Not only well received by viewers but critics too.

Martha Ogman was an unlikely gambler with a love of slot machines. The 80-year-old, who lived within sight of the Las Vegas Hilton Casino was well-known by staff who mentioned ‘She’s one of our best members’. No surprise when she says she has been visiting the casino every day for the last 10 years. The heavy smoker, a retired doctor or dentistry, has a laid back style and seemed undisturbed by her 4M losses. She told Louis Theroux she wasn’t addicted to gambling and bet because she enjoyed it. Ogman detailed that the casino had paid for the memorial service of her late husband, Sam. ‘They didn’t charge a penny.’ The fact she had paid a heavy price for her patronage seemingly going over her head.

Sadly, her son, Seth, was the major loser of his future inheritance which was slipping away note by note into the slots. He seemed accepting of his fate that his mother wouldn’t stop gambling even though it clearly put a strain on their relationship, She simply said: ‘He’s a good boy.’ He in turn said he like to bet small money in contrast to his mother. It was a sad scene to wonder if the day would come when she lost her house.

Trying to find updates about Dr Martha, I read on Reddit that she was still going strong at the age of 92 although another said they had gone to the Hilton Casino and couldn’t see her. Ogman clearly loved her slots and she didn’t look to be going anywhere.

With a selection of odd-ball gamblers, Gambling In Las Vegas is a good watch. It’s one of a number of TV presentations by Louis Theroux’s who has the knack of getting insight, often desperate, conversation and quotes from those who take part.

His use of pretend naivety and full on sarcasm have worked wonders for his popularity.

Roulette and Random Number Generation: How Digital Roulette Maintains Randomness

Wherever casino games are hosted online, they use random number generation (RNG) to mimic the randomness of real life. This ensures that the action in games like roulette is fair, using complex third-party programs that are also getting better over time. Here’s a brief explanation of how RNGs work and why it’s an important technology outside of the online casino.

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Random Number Generation in Casino Games

At its simplest, a random number generator is hardware or software that produces an unpredictable sequence. In casino games, it’s used to determine the outcome of chance events like dice throws, pulling from a card deck, or where the ball lands on a digital roulette wheel. All three are popular on iGaming sites, alongside live-streamed versions of real-life games. When a site hosts live roulette online, the results of a spin are unpredictable to the host and everybody in the audience. RNGs help recreate this effect in the digital world – current RNG technology is unpredictable by human beings.

Whether it’s a six-sided die or a 52-card deck, RNGs produce results while also considering other facets of the game. For example, you can’t pull the same card twice from the deck if that card is already in play. Fortunately, iGaming sites license rigorously tested third-party software that ensures randomness for their customers.

How RNGs Work

Creating random outputs is a lot more difficult than it sounds. After all, it’s hard to determine if something is truly random or just subject to a method that we can’t see. This has caused some thought leaders to determine that the concept of randomness, even in the real world, doesn’t really exist.

We use two primary ways to create randomness – the first relies on measuring a physical event that cannot be predicted. This is where hardware is used to analyse complicated processes like the decay of background radiation and other examples of natural entropy. By measuring this, hardware RNG happens upon an unforeseeable output that can be reliably used.

However, that’s impractical for a lot of industries that work with randomness. As such, most modern RNG is performed by software called pseudorandom number generators. These are computational algorithms that generally don’t rely on physical processes. The prefix ‘pseudo’ is used because, as a computer algorithm, it reaches its outcome using predictable processes. As humans, we just don’t have the processing power to see or determine what those outcomes will be, making it fully random for most intents and purposes.

Why RNG is Always Getting Better

The tech used in RNG software is constantly improving, including the third-party software used by iGaming sites. This is because RNG is used for a lot more than determining roulette spins. When a password manager generates a password, it uses RNG software to produce its outcome. RNG technology is also at the centre of many proofing mechanisms, particularly secure encryption responsible for developments like the blockchain. When a computer runs an algorithm, there is always some method to its madness. If unsecured, that method may be determined using rival software.

This is why RNG is important for cybersecurity, as computer scientists aim to produce results that are unpredictable to both humans and rival computer programs. As those RNG methods get more advanced, third-party RNG providers adopt useful improvements to guarantee that their games stay random and unbreakable. This means iGaming and other pedestrian uses of RNG technology benefit from continued research into randomness and better ways of creating it.