Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson  We all know more or less about Doyle Brunson who is a very good poker player. He is still one of the best poker players in the world and perhaps the biggest idol of poker. The man has won the World Series of Poker Main Event championship, two times and is an author of many poker books.

Early life of Doyle’s Fascinating Poker Game

Doyle was a very bright Basketball player and was a representative of the All-State Texas Basketball team. But a terrible injury in his knee ruined his basketball career. Brunson had begun playing five-card draw before his injury and from that time his skill in playing cards has been revealed. After his graduation, he got a job. The amusing matter is, on the first day of the job he was invited to play a Seven-card stud game and earned more than a month’s salary. After a while, he left the company and become a professional poker gambler.

Doyle’s poker career life

Brunson started by playing in illegal games usually organized by criminals where rules were not enforced. Brunson and his friend Dwayne have been robbed several times by those criminals. They traveled to Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, started joining in bigger games. Brunson eventually settled in Las Vegas and became a regular poker player of WSOP.

He continued to play the biggest poker games worldwide ranging from $4000 to $8000 limit in Bobby’s Room. Being the first player to win $1 million in poker tournaments he was advancing his playing skills and has won 10 WSOP bracelets throughout his career life.

Net worth and Earnings of Doyle Brunson till 2021

Doyle achieved huge fame and fortune during his poker professional life. In 2018, he retired and in the same year, he earned $10000. He is also an author of ‘Super System’ published in 1978. This book contains all tips and guidelines for the poker game. The majority of his earnings come from cash games and the book super system. The net worth of Doyle Brunson in 2021 is approximately $80 million.

Doyle Brunson’s highly active Twitter feed

Doyle F. Brunson played poker professionally for over 50 years and now he is an 87 years old retired poker player. Something remarkable for someone of his generation, Doyle has a very active Twitter account. Brunson tweets his thoughts on poker and other general opinions in the Twitter community. He also shared his view and outlook about online poker there. He has a lot of follower on Twitter and most of them are the greatest fan of the Poker game.

Professional Gamblers – Music to my Ears

Professional Gamblers - Music to my Ears  It’s a funny thing really, people often have very stark views of gambling, in either the positive of negative. They either tend to see it as a bit of harmful fun or in contrast to that some kind of hedonistic hellscape. Realistically while some types would be better served to steer clear, most people know full well how to find the right balance in most areas of life including gambling. Here at HotChip we tend to focus on the characters (Daniel NegreanuAmarillo Slim  etc) , venues and games that all form part of casino life, rather than have a gungo attitude towards gambling. We find that suits casual players and the more focused individuals alike.

Another common misconception is the idea that there is no such thing as a professional gambler. There are certainly games that are much more chance based, but even in those – roulette for instance – it’s possible to employ strategies that help you to walk away when you’re winning and limit your loses when you’re not. The problem most casual gamblers have is that they have little understanding of odds, and also typically increase the wager the more they win, rather than maintain a balanced approach regardless of the fortunes of any particular spin or result. If you’re always pushing it, even if you’re on the winning streak of a lifetime eventually it’ll end and you’ll pay the price. Better to adopt a steady and sure approach. This sounds like it should be second nature and common knowledge, but that’s far from the case.

Some casino games are of course more skill based than not, or at least it makes up a meaningful component of the game. Poker is definitely such a casino game, and surely no-one would deny the existence of professional gamblers and successful players within this age old card game. It’s a truism, as over the decades many players have become world famous due to their successes. Sports betting is of course another area where people can spend years honing their skills (football, horse racing and so on) and analysis until they reach a point of having a very clear advantage over the layperson. There are so many areas of sport than can be bet on, that it makes sense that some will become very focused and skilled in a particular area and benefit from this. These individuals often stay under the radar but that certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there! It doesn’t always benefit you to advertise your successes!

Eleanor Dumont

Eleanor Dumont  Eleanor Dumont was an infamous gambler on the American Western border. Seen as a cleopatra of the casino by some. Earlier, her name was Simone Jules and she was born in 1829. The absolute information on her background is unconfirmed.

Eleanor gambling profession

Eleanor started the San Francisco gambling scene at the age of 21 years old. She promptly reputed as a skilled and lucky player and confirmed a job as a dealer at the Bella Union, San Francisco. Unlike other women, Eleanor acted calmly when any man at her table behaved bawdily. She was doubted for card sharping and relieved of her duties from the Bella Union. At this time she had earned a junk of money and travelled to Nevada City.

Dumont induced a gambling parlour in Nevada City, California and tiled it “Vingt-et-un”. She was a card dealer and an influencing figure of other casino games. She allowed natty and stylish male and no female except for herself. She was a very attractive lady. All men get fascinated by her beauty but she maintained a long distance from everyone. She flirted only for attracting customers. As Dumont found the parlour progressive, she decided to start a business with an experienced gambler Dave Tobin. She was a very bright gambler but in 1859, she sold Dumont Gambling Palace and left Nevada City. She travelled to many cities and earned a lot of wealth and fame by gambling.

Eleanor Dumont’s nickname was Madame Moustache

Eleanor had a very famous nickname, Madame Moustache. All of her fans must excite to know the noted reason for having such an impressive nickname. She used to have dark hair near her upper lip which began to grow when she was in Bannack. So, she has conferred the nickname of ‘Madame Moustache.

Eleanor, the gambling lady was in love

Once Eleanor met a man called Jack McKnight and she fell for him. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the same sensation for a lover as she had for cards. Being a conman Jack cheated her. He took away her money and sold the ranch she purchased in Carson City. From her anger, she put the double-barrel shotgun on his chest and killed him. She was suspected of the crime but nobody arrested her.

Eleanor Dumont’s death

In California, one night during gambling she suddenly owned a lot of money. Later, she roamed outside out of happiness and found dead on September 8, 1879. She was found with an overdose of morphine narcotic, pointedly a suicide.

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus  Richard Marcus is one of the smartest casino cheaters in the world of gambling. Initially, he started fairly playing gambling but with time he showed his cruel side to win more amount. He and his team were well-known and praised by others because they have brilliant minds and the way they managed to cheat at the casinos.


Richard Marcus’s biography and early life

Since childhood, it was quite noticeable that Marcus had a keen interest in gambling. Once he was playing baseball cards with his classmates where both players will flip a baseball card from each side, the one having a better score will take both cards. He realized that he was being cheated as his opponents were peeking at his sets and resulting in him losing the entire baseball cards collections to them. But he was feeling fascinated by the way he got cheated.

Later on, he was introduced to a race track where enjoyed his vacations betting on the horses. One afternoon, he won $30,000 and immediately headed off to the Las Vegas to try his luck in the gambling world where he started playing his favorite game, Baccarat. Unfortunately, he lost all his winning amount from the race track in a single night which forced him to go back home full of discouragement.

This made him remind of his childhood days, how he got deceived in the card games which made him decide to beat the casino.

Marcus started doing a job as a dealer for Blackjack and Baccarat at Four Queens Casino so that he can improve his skills by paying attention to the moves of other players and dealers, where he learned how to cheat and win.


Richard Marcus – The Talented Casino Cheater

Since then he started to create various new schemes, notice every detail of dealers, and memorized various consequences he faced which helped him to reach where he is now- the greatest casino cheater in the gambling history.

Richard gained his name after he joined Joe Classon’s team where he created and executed falsely shuffling, mix-up roulette strategy, and betting after official bets which were highly illegal and a punishable offense by law as well as in the casinos.

After 12 years, he parted away from Classon’s team to make his team with three of his friends. He created new cheating techniques to make fools of the dealers by playing the ” innocent play card” to win the match. Later he runs away after winning the match.



Marcus has now officially retired from the gambling world. He had launched a website of his own where he teaches his cheating methods to other con artists. He is the author of the bestseller gambling books, “Identity thief, Inc” and “American roulette”.