Mega Jackpots Elephant King Slot by IGT


Take a trip to the Serengeti in IGT’S 5×3 reel setup with 40 ways to win slot. Mega Jackpots Elephant King slot with betting ranges between 0.75 to 1500 per spin which will appeal to both casual players and high rollers. It’s a medium volatility slot with an RTP of 96.02% including the jackpot contribution. This exciting slot comes with a Prize Disk, Mega jackpots Feature, Free Spins and 500x your stake wins as well as a massive progressive jackpot of up to $500 000.

Mega Jackpots Elephant King Slot Bonus Features

If you’re looking to enjoy some success, then you’re sure to find it in the slots Prize Disk feature. This feature gets triggered when an Elephant scatter appears anywhere on reels 1, 3 and /or 5 during the base game. When it lands you will receive any of the following prizes:

  • Cash Prize- 300x to 10000x coin value

  • Free Spins- 10 Free spins

  • Mega Jackpots- awards players one spin on The Prize Disk and prizes for each Elephant Scatter.

During the Free, Spins players get awarded 10 free spins with the maximum of free spins being 250. Further to this players receive additional 2+ free spins when they land an Elephant Scatter below the Extra Spin cell.

Trigger the Mega Jackpots Bonus during the base game and you’ll receive 750, 800, 900, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 75000 and 10000x the coin value. Should a Mega Jackpots symbol appear above an Elephant Scatter during the bonus game you win a progressive jackpot.

Mega Jackpots Elephant King Slot Verdict

IGTs progressive slot Elephant King is a game that will be enjoyed by all punters, particularly because of the massive prizes up for grabs. The Mega Jackpots bring a new level of rewards with up to a $500 000 guaranteed win.

Roulette and Random Number Generation: How Digital Roulette Maintains Randomness

Wherever casino games are hosted online, they use random number generation (RNG) to mimic the randomness of real life. This ensures that the action in games like roulette is fair, using complex third-party programs that are also getting better over time. Here’s a brief explanation of how RNGs work and why it’s an important technology outside of the online casino.

Source: Pexels

Random Number Generation in Casino Games

At its simplest, a random number generator is hardware or software that produces an unpredictable sequence. In casino games, it’s used to determine the outcome of chance events like dice throws, pulling from a card deck, or where the ball lands on a digital roulette wheel. All three are popular on iGaming sites, alongside live-streamed versions of real-life games. When a site hosts live roulette online, the results of a spin are unpredictable to the host and everybody in the audience. RNGs help recreate this effect in the digital world – current RNG technology is unpredictable by human beings.

Whether it’s a six-sided die or a 52-card deck, RNGs produce results while also considering other facets of the game. For example, you can’t pull the same card twice from the deck if that card is already in play. Fortunately, iGaming sites license rigorously tested third-party software that ensures randomness for their customers.

How RNGs Work

Creating random outputs is a lot more difficult than it sounds. After all, it’s hard to determine if something is truly random or just subject to a method that we can’t see. This has caused some thought leaders to determine that the concept of randomness, even in the real world, doesn’t really exist.

We use two primary ways to create randomness – the first relies on measuring a physical event that cannot be predicted. This is where hardware is used to analyse complicated processes like the decay of background radiation and other examples of natural entropy. By measuring this, hardware RNG happens upon an unforeseeable output that can be reliably used.

However, that’s impractical for a lot of industries that work with randomness. As such, most modern RNG is performed by software called pseudorandom number generators. These are computational algorithms that generally don’t rely on physical processes. The prefix ‘pseudo’ is used because, as a computer algorithm, it reaches its outcome using predictable processes. As humans, we just don’t have the processing power to see or determine what those outcomes will be, making it fully random for most intents and purposes.

Why RNG is Always Getting Better

The tech used in RNG software is constantly improving, including the third-party software used by iGaming sites. This is because RNG is used for a lot more than determining roulette spins. When a password manager generates a password, it uses RNG software to produce its outcome. RNG technology is also at the centre of many proofing mechanisms, particularly secure encryption responsible for developments like the blockchain. When a computer runs an algorithm, there is always some method to its madness. If unsecured, that method may be determined using rival software.

This is why RNG is important for cybersecurity, as computer scientists aim to produce results that are unpredictable to both humans and rival computer programs. As those RNG methods get more advanced, third-party RNG providers adopt useful improvements to guarantee that their games stay random and unbreakable. This means iGaming and other pedestrian uses of RNG technology benefit from continued research into randomness and better ways of creating it.

Roulette and Your Returns: Finding the Best RTP Rates

The average game of roulette has a fairly low house edge. European games, with a single zero, have a house edge of 2.70%. American roulette, which has an extra number (38 in total), has a house edge of 5.26%. Even a small change in the games dynamics can have a profound effect on the house edge. This information is important because it dictates the potential return rate, otherwise known as the Return to Player (RTP) value. Therefore, we can use house-edge and RTP to assess the potential of a roulette game.

The Significance of RTPs in Roulette

Before we look at different types of roulette and what their potential payout rates are, we need to understand the theory behind RTP. To work out the RTP, subtract the house edge from 100. So, for European roulette, the RTP value is 100% 2.7% = 97.3%. An RTP of 97.3% tells us that, in theory, you’ll get $97.30 back for every $100 wagered. This doesn’t mean you’ll get a $97.30 return every time you wager $100. There will be times when your win rate is higher than 97.3% and times when it will be lower. In fact, it’s this variance that allows you to have winning sessions because, if you always got the exact RTP, you wouldn’t make a profit. But, because results can fluctuate around the expected norm, it’s possible to have winning sessions. However, over time, the RTP should hit 97.3%.

Different roulette variants have different RTP values. If you play Money Back roulette at Paddy Power, the RTP is 98.65%. The gameboard is identical to a European roulette gameboard i.e. it has 37 numbers running from 0 to 36. The payouts are also the same. The reason it has a better RTP than traditional European roulette is the fact you get a rebate on certain bets. Specifically, if you make an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you’ll receive a 50% rebate. The addition of this feature reduces the house edge which, in turn, improves your potential return rate.

Roulette RTP Values Can Vary

We see a similar thing happen when you add or remove other features. So, to bring this roulette guide to a conclusion, let’s run through some of the most popular online variants and, importantly, their RTP values. Variants that use the European format, such as Instant Roulette, Lightning Roulette and 10p Roulette have an RTP of 97.30%. The same goes for variants that use two balls, such as Double Ball Roulette. Variants that have a cashback feature, such as French Roulette Gold, have an RTP of 98.65%.

As you can see, the average RTP is 97.30%, which conforms to European roulette’s value. Games with cashback, aka La Partage, offer better potential returns over the long term (aka expected value), but it’s important to understand that anything can happen in the short term. You might go on a run that sees you achieve an RTP of more than 100%. This type of run probably won’t last forever, which is why it’s important to consider the RTP values if you want to get maximum value when you play roulette online.

Slugger Time Slot by Quickspin


Slugger Time is a unique slot game developed by Quickspin that takes players into the world of underground gang warfare. This game is a clone of Quickspin’s previous slot, Cabin Crashers, but it introduces a new theme and setting, offering a different gaming experience.

Design and Gameplay

The game is set in a subway station ruled by dangerous street gangs. The game features a 5-reel, 3-row grid with 20 fixed paylines. The betting range is from 20 cents to 100 dollars per spin. The game’s RTP is 96.18%, and it operates on high volatility, meaning that payouts can be significant, but they may not occur frequently.

The symbols in the game include graffiti-style 10-A card ranks, broken bottles, nunchucks, knuckle dusters, and various masks. The wild symbols, which only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, can substitute for regular symbols to form winning combinations. These wild symbols also come with multipliers of x2 to x5.


Slugger Time offers a Chicken Siege Free Spins feature, which is awarded when 3 of the Fight scatter symbols land on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel. Players are then presented with four different bonus game options, each offering a different number of free spins and multiplier values. The multiplier wilds become sticky during the free spins, remaining in position for the rest of the feature.

The game also offers a Bonus Buy feature, allowing players to buy the Chicken Siege feature for 75x the bet. This feature is only available in certain markets.


Slugger Time offers a unique and somewhat darkly humorous theme, set in a subway station where masked gangs cause chaos. Despite the violent theme, the game is suitable for a general audience. The game’s features, particularly the Free Spins and the multiplier wilds, can lead to significant wins, making Slugger Time an exciting choice for players.