3 Live Games Changing How We View Casino Games

Live casino games have become a huge part of the gambling industry in the last few years, introducing many new elements that have changed how we think about casino gameplay. The following are three of the most influential titles and how they’ve made a difference in the way we play.

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Crazy Time Live Helped Introduce the Wheel Format

Evolution launched this game in 2020, although it only reached the American market in 2023. Crazy Time Live has proved to be one of the most influential casino games of recent years, as it helped to introduce the concept of a live human dealer spinning a wheel and potentially leading the player into one of several bonus games. Each segment has a different prize or feature marked on it, with players waiting to see where it stops spinning.

A look at a real-money live casino reveals several other games that have a similar format. Money Drop Live and Spin a Win Live are based on a “wheel of fortune” type of presentation with the different segments on the wheel each representing a win amount or a bonus game. Funky Time Live takes a similar idea but adds a fresh theme and some new features.

Deal or No Deal Live Is Based on a Much-Loved TV Brand

This popular TV franchise recently got taken off the TV schedules in the UK but has reached online casinos with a game split over several rounds. The game begins with a Qualifying Wheel and you’ll then see the host standing beside some briefcases where prize amounts are tucked away out of sight. It doesn’t follow the flow of the original show exactly, but there are enough similarities to make it feel like an interesting variation of what we’ve watched on the screen.

A growing number of other live games are based on big-brand games. Monopoly Live and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Live Roulette are a couple of good examples of how this works. These games have helped blur the lines between board games, TV games, and live casino games in a trend that we can expect to see continuing.

Boom City Adds Dice and a Virtual Wall of Symbols

The content creators at Pragmatic Play have taken an alternative approach with their Boom City game. While it shares the idea of a live human presenter with the other games we’ve looked at, it introduces a wall of symbols on a virtual grid that sits behind the presenter. The gameplay involves a couple of traditional dice and several bonus rounds.

A similar type of gameplay can also be seen in Snakes and Ladders Live or Big Bad Wolf Live. These games feature props such as dice and walls of symbols to create new ways of playing. With themes based on everything from classic board games to the most popular slot machines, there’s no sign of the creators of these games running out of inspiration any time soon.

Source: PxHere

The Way Ahead

These games reveal the diversity of the live casino sector right now. By adding different themes and features, this industry has moved in many different directions that add appeal for players with varying tastes and interests.

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