Oswald Jacoby

Oswald Jacoby, an American contract bridge players and recognized as one of the greatest bridge players worldwide. He was also a reformer of the game and an author. He had a bunch of knowledge about bridge game as well some other game like backgammon, gin rummy and poker.

Jacoby’s initial pace towards gaming

This Jewish descent prominent player has started playing bridge for the first time at the age of 10. During the first World War, he joined the army yet invested a lot of time there playing poker. Isn’t it very fascinating? He was also very good at mathematics and could multiply 3-4 digit numbers on his head without any assistance of paper. He was referred to as a human computer during World War –II. As he had processed an excessive talent, soon he became a very prominent gamer. His passion and lifelong concentration were games, especially bridge.

Jacoby’s Bridge Career

Jacoby had become very famous as a player of contract bridge and auction. So, Sidney Lenz chose him to be his co-partner in the Culbertson-Lenz match, he has gained international recognition. Jacoby was a quite different player than any other ordinary one. He dominated tournaments as he was a part of the ‘Four Horsemen’ and the ‘Four Aces’. Jacoby also introduced many bridging ideas, including the Jacoby 2NT and Jacoby transfer bids and won Bermuda Bowl by captaining North American and US teams. His son, wife and co-author, James Jacoby were his partner during his long playing career. In 1983, he attended his final tournament at North American Bridge Championships. He won the personality of the year in the same year.

Jacoby’s Bridge Accomplishments

Jacoby wins many championship and tournaments. He wins IBL World Championship, North American Bridge Championship; Vanderbilt, Asbury park trophy, Spingold etc. and so on. Jacoby receives the Charles H. Goren award which is one of the best achievement of his career life. He also got McKenny Trophy and Herman Trophy.

Jacoby as a famous writer

Throughout his career life, Jacoby worked as a prolific writer, writing more than 10,000 newspaper articles on poker, gin rummy, bridge, the mathematics of card games and gambling and canasta. The backgammon book, Jacoby on card games, The fireside book of cards, complete canasta, How to play winning bridge are some of his very famous publications.

Jacoby, a pioneer of bridge players, died in 1995.

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