Site Guide – Highlights

There is no brief way to describe the vibrancy and thrill of casinos and how they and gambling in general intersect with the culture. We have to start somewhere though, and what better way than an overview of one of the most favoured casino games of our time, Blackjack. This fasting flowing game is not only exciting to play but also has a rich history, including that of card counting. This strategy has been covered in Hollywood movies like 21. Who among us wouldn’t have taken a go with the flow attitude to cashing in if we knew we mathematically had the edge.

With so many aspect of interest, there’s no shortage of intricacies to any and all aspects of casino life. Check out this Q&A style write up on the ins and outs of Casino Chips for instance and this casino chip collector video for a more in-depth look.

So much of this world has been documented on film and the press, and occasionally a zany, madcap angle will be adopted. Take the sad / mad story of Kari Smith, who took up an ad space on your face line of thought, of which Golden Palace casino was happy to oblige. And let’s not forget Louis Theroux with his weird weekend style look at Las Vegas, covering roulette, slots and more. But then gambling has never been short of characters has it, from Ida Summers the ‘Vegas Vixon’ to gregarious poker player Amarillo Slim

I hope you’ve enjoyed your whistle-stop tour, and if you find yourself still having more casino questions than answers, then you’re in the right place as there are no shortage of updates to satisfy your curiosity!