Born in the USA!

I’m sure everything has heard the Bruce Springsteen track ‘Born in the USA’ that have become something of a patriotic soundtrack stateside over recent decades. Interestingly the song is actually more of a critique of the nation, but when people are bellowing it out in stadiums nobody seems to pay much thought to that. Of course everything is up for interpretation though and nations have good and bad in their approach to most things.

Gambling is certainly one area this applies to stateside. I’ve always found it curious that in country where life is viewed through a prism of ‘freedom’, that there are or rather have been so many different rules relating to restricting online casinos and the like. Ever since George W Bush crowbarred internet gambling laws which make depositing funds for gambling difficult into ‘SAFE Port Act’ legislation, a long struggle was ahead.

Thankfully though its a changing world. With the growing popularity of ‘fantasy sports’ and the like, the light has now once again been shone on the stateside limitations on online sports betting, casinos and so on. As such the tide is gradually starting to turn and USGamblers are finally seeing laws pass across states allowing for online casino and sports betting to once again occur. Legal online gambling can now take place across numerous states, such as Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virgina and Delaware. No doubt more are to come.

Poker, slots, live casino and sports fan alike will no doubt be elated to finally be able to access the same kind of online casino options that others have been enjoying for a good few years. It will bring parity across nations and allow American citizens to have moments of care free and convenient casino play from the comfort of their own home!


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