Casino Chip Guinness World Record

It’s not everyday that I get contacted by a world record holder, but an eagle eyed Gregg Fisher was kind enough to point out to me that my post highlighting the largest collection of $1 casino chips ever is out of date. The one time record holder (Paul Schaffer with 802 $1 chips) has been knocked off the casino chip podium by the aforementioned Gregg Fisher, who set the new record of 818 $1 casino chips on 4th October 2020. He also informed us that he intends to break it again this fall “with 2,100 Chips and tokens.” You heard it here first! Good luck to anyone trying to catch Mr Fisher; I don’t like your chances!

Gregg is certainly a man of the world when it comes to casinos. He is known to pick up a chip from every casino he visits and is a member of both the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club and the Museum of Gaming History. His passion began in the rat pack days of the 1970s when he came to Vegas. On one occasion as he played poker, he even overheard Dean Martin in the background. Not many people can say that! His passion has taken him countrywide to numerous poker tournaments and he’s a man very well versed in the history of gaming stateside.


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