Roulette Master makes $1.5 million

A Spanish record producer who was also passionate about mathematics and roulette, Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo was a pioneer of the music industry. According to him, roulette wheels at casinos in the 20th century were not entirely random. It was his belief that certain numbers were more favoured over others within the same stroke.

Over the course of many hours, he watched the roulette wheels at Spanish casinos and took note of the results of thousands of spins. In the course of gathering this data, he included his children at some point. A preferred number was determined by analyzing the results. He would then place bets and cash out instantly after figuring out which machines had biases and clearing out the table’s finances. His next stop would be the next location.

Six nights a week, the family visited Casino Gran Madrid because they became so successful. Rather than being associated with each other, each team member was assigned to a different biased wheel.

After only two months of playing, they had amassed a bankroll of over $100,000. They capitalised on their strategy by placing larger wagers.

Despite the good streaks, there were also bad nights, including one where they lost $80,000. However, huge wins more than offset these losses.

Gonzalo recalls how easy it was to lose a night. Losing two nights was easy. Losing three nights [in a row] is almost impossible.”

Los Pelayos won consistently, earning thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. In spite of their success and the absence of dealer tips (Gonzalo’s rule to maintain profits), the casino began to notice them.

The Spanish casinos became aware of his methods after some time, and he was excommunicated. Thus, he pitched his tent in Las Vegas, accumulating large winnings. As he became more and more famous, he was forced to stop, but not before gaining his fortune. Gonazol netted over $1.5 million in “pure” profits (after factoring in travel and hotel expenses).

Sin City Win – Megabucks Slot Jackpot

According to the traditional Irish proverb, ‘Good luck beats early rising’, and the saying has never been better exemplified than by the fortuity experienced by Honolulu postal worker John Tippin at the Las Vegas Hilton in January, 1996. Holidaying in Sin City during Super Bowl weekend, Tippin, 50, invested $9 for three spins on the ‘Megabucks’ progressive jackpot slot machine; on his third and final spin, he lined up four jackpot-winning ‘Megabucks’ symbols on the bottom pay line and won $11.97 million. In so doing, he beat the previous world record for a slot machine payout, $10.8 million, set on a similar machine elsewhere in Las Vegas the previous October.

Reflecting on his windfall, Tippin said, ‘I was getting ready to play another machine when it happened. I wasn’t even trying for it.’ He added, ‘It’s surreal. The first thing I realized is my life just changed as I know it. It has me thinking about sleeping in in the morning.’

Five years later, alongside biographer Lance Tominaga, also from Hawaii, Tippin co-authored the book, ‘I Did It! My Life After Megabucks’. The purpose of the book, according to Tippin, was to tell his story in, more or less, his own words and to provide a cautionary tale for anyone following, or likely to follow, in his footsteps. The narrative chronicles his life, and that of his wife, Stella, since he became a multimillionaire and does not shy away from the difficulties, emotional, financial and social, that he experienced as a result. Tippin died peacefully at home in Honolulu in August, 2020, aged 74.

Dominic LoRiggio

Dominic LoRiggio is a famous “Master Craps Player” in the world of gambling. He is also called as “the man with the golden arm” and “the dominator”. He had mastered the art of controlling dice by spending hours, learning the technique on the craps table. This technique requires you to grab the dice and toss it in such a way that both the dices will fly to strike the back wall and will conclude with the roll as per your wish.

Early life and biography

Dominic is a famous and well-known personality in the gambling world but information about his personal and private life is still unknown. According to some resources, he was born in the USA during the middle of the twentieth century where he did his schooling and worked as a clerk for few years. Then he decided to stop his job and switch his profession to craps.

During the late 1980s, he started his gambling career as a card counter, and then afterwards, he focused on beating craps casino games.

Dominic LoRiggio achievements in gambling

During his initial gambling days, he realized that there should be a system of rolling dice of necessary combinations. He invented new tactics, rolling force, hand positions, and few innovative techniques to throw the dices. Slowly he figured out different ways to throw the dices to get the result as per his wish. He developed few controlled shooting techniques and instructed his partner, the same technique. Together they started ruling all the casinos of Las Vegas.

Dominic used to play control shooting technically which was not illegal yet casinos put a ban on it. Casinos will spot an eye on that shooter who eyes on their banks and force them to make their move differently. Despite not cheating unlike other casino players, he was banned from the gambling institution.

But this did not stop Dominic in any way. He managed to move to the largest casino in the US where he became a well-known member of North American continent casinos.

Afterward, Dominic stopped gambling and started playing Poker, Slots, Blackjack, And Pai Gow. He eventually mastered these games too. However, he received many awards for playing Pai Gow.


Till now, LoRiggio had not left the gambling world. This hero is now appearing on television and teaching new gamblers his theory and tactics of control shooting. He with his partner has also started his own business of training people in his leisure time.

Virginia McDowell

The gambling fans must have heard the name of Virginia McDowell. Prior President and Chief Executive of Isle of Capri Casinos Inc, Virginia is a sparkle in the gaming industry. After gambling was legalised in New Jersey, mc Dowell vaunts 35 years of experience in the casino industry. She has received many exalted awards for her excellent flair for gambling.

Virginia, a leading lady in the gaming industry

Probably there are very few gamblers who have not heard of Virginia, a grand boss in the gambling industry. During her 35 years of profession in the gaming industry, she has shown her awesome innovations in gambling. Currently, she is an elected head of Global Gaming Women. This is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and support the development of women in the gaming industry. Virginia serves Isle of Capri Casino Inc. as a president and CEO. She is the sole female president and directed a major gaming operating company.

Why did she choose gambling despite being a journalist?

Virginia aimed to work in broadcast journalism. She was very liable for booking guests and working with the producers. Later she has chosen gambling which never means she doesn’t like her work. The prospect of getting in on the ground floor of a dynamic new industry mystifies her. So, she started researching gaming and casinos. She saw the potential for professional growth and determined to apply for the position at Bally’s Park Place.

Virginia’s contribution to bringing women into the gaming industry

When Virginia was launching her gaming career in Atlantic City, she found a shortage of candidates for management positions and a huge opportunity for employees who were intensive to work hard in the gaming industry. But she found women were less accepted and faced a solid battle while applying for the management position. She tried hard for bringing women into the gaming industry. Nowadays, women show about 50% of the workforce of the gaming industry in the US. Today, women are greatly substantiating in the senior management ranks including the C-suit and so on.

Virginia’s perception about Donald Trump’s entertainment resorts

Virginia McDowell was an executive VP of Donald Trump. So she was asked about Trump’s entertainment resorts. She said that Donald Trump loves his family a lot. The sensation of him is as an entrepreneur and a high profile in the glitterati. According to Virginia’s speech, that’s absolute and he is a very discreet businessman. She also said that people might be surprised if they saw Donald Trump pastime with his little boy.