Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is one of the smartest casino cheaters in the world of gambling. Initially, he started fairly playing gambling but with time he showed his cruel side to win more amount. He and his team were well-known and praised by others because they have brilliant minds and the way they managed to cheat at the casinos.


Richard Marcus’s biography and early life

Since childhood, it was quite noticeable that Marcus had a keen interest in gambling. Once he was playing baseball cards with his classmates where both players will flip a baseball card from each side, the one having a better score will take both cards. He realized that he was being cheated as his opponents were peeking at his sets and resulting in him losing the entire baseball cards collections to them. But he was feeling fascinated by the way he got cheated.

Later on, he was introduced to a race track where enjoyed his vacations betting on the horses. One afternoon, he won $30,000 and immediately headed off to the Las Vegas to try his luck in the gambling world where he started playing his favorite game, Baccarat. Unfortunately, he lost all his winning amount from the race track in a single night which forced him to go back home full of discouragement.

This made him remind of his childhood days, how he got deceived in the card games which made him decide to beat the casino.

Marcus started doing a job as a dealer for Blackjack and Baccarat at Four Queens Casino so that he can improve his skills by paying attention to the moves of other players and dealers, where he learned how to cheat and win.


Richard Marcus – The Talented Casino Cheater

Since then he started to create various new schemes, notice every detail of dealers, and memorized various consequences he faced which helped him to reach where he is now- the greatest casino cheater in the gambling history.

Richard gained his name after he joined Joe Classon’s team where he created and executed falsely shuffling, mix-up roulette strategy, and betting after official bets which were highly illegal and a punishable offense by law as well as in the casinos.

After 12 years, he parted away from Classon’s team to make his team with three of his friends. He created new cheating techniques to make fools of the dealers by playing the ” innocent play card” to win the match. Later he runs away after winning the match.



Marcus has now officially retired from the gambling world. He had launched a website of his own where he teaches his cheating methods to other con artists. He is the author of the bestseller gambling books, “Identity thief, Inc” and “American roulette”.

Johnny Chan

Although he has not been in the limelight for a while, there are names that you don’t just forget, and one of them is Johnny Chan. He has been in the gambling field for years, and his achievements are hard to forget. So far, he had won the World Series of Poker bracelets 10 times. As far as live tournaments are concerned, the poker player has pocketed millions of cash prizes and had also been allowed into the Poker Hall of Fame. That said and done, let’s discuss this legend even more.

Biography & Personal Life

This poker player was born in 1957, and his place of birth was Guangzhou, China. At around the age of 5 years, in 1962, he and his family relocated to Hong Kong. That was not the end of their relocation since they also left for Phoenix, Arizona, and Houston, Texas, in 1968 and 1973, respectively. His family has restaurants, and Johnny Chan saw it as an opportunity to venture into the gambling sector. He would play cards with the workers.

In the beginning, Chan may have been tempted to join the footsteps of his family member. That’s probably why he was pursuing hotel and restaurant at the University of Houston. However, his love for gambling overpowered the dream leading to him dropping out of school at the age of 21 to pursue his career as a professional gambler. It is important to note that Johnny once visited Vegas at the age of 16 and went to a casino where he won big.

Eventually, he also gave hospitality a shot, and he runs the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. He is also married and a mother of 6.

Johnny Chan Gambling Career

Supposedly, as early as 16 years, Chan had made $20,000 from $500 in a casino for a night. Unfortunately, he lost $20,000 the following day. However, that did not stop him from giving poker a shot. Ever since he became a professional poker player, he has earned 10 WSOP bracelets and had also played in the World Poker Tour. Until recently, it has been a win after win for Johnny Chan. However, it seems like he took a break because he hasn’t been in the limelight for a while.


When the names of poker players are mentioned, Johnny Chan is least likely to miss. After all, he has quite a reputation in the area. From becoming popular to amassing a considerable amount of wealth, he has gambling to thank, to a greater extent.

Gregg Fisher – Officially Amazing (2,222 Casino Chip World Record)

On multiple occasions in the past we have highlighted Las Vegas based collector Gregg Fisher’s casino chip and token collecting achievements. Such passion for a hobby or interest certainly stands out from the crowd.

We’re happy to now report that he has once again outdone himself. The following world record has now been approved: ‘The largest collection of casino chips consists of 2,222 items, achieved by Gregg Fisher (USA) , in Las Vegas , Nevada, USA, on 26th September 2021’.

Achieving a Guinness World Record is far from a formality and involves crossing more t’s and dotting more i’s than you could ever imagine. Impressive in its own right, this now makes Gregg a two time Guinness world records holder! It just goes to show what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

January 1st 2023 update… Long time friend of ths site, Gregg has contacted us with the record entry as featured in the 2023 Guinness Book of World Records. He added that only 10 percent of records get into the book, so it really is quite some achievement!

January 18th Update:  Stop the press. Gregg has informed us that he’s now purchased a collection of 3,500 to 4,000 pieces (some pictures below). Now that’s dedication to a cause!


Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu must be good at what he does to be a person who inspires ever new generations to join the gambling arena. If that thought has ever crossed your mind, you can rest assured that you are not the only one. Daniel is more than good enough to inspire both current generations of poker players and generations to come. He has achieved almost all that’s to be achieved as a poker player.  The Canadian poker player has won the World Poker Tour title twice and the World Series of Poker bracelets six times. Let’s learn more.

Biography & Personal Life

Daniel Negreanu was born in 1974 on 26th July in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, he now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the city is famous for gambling—what a perfect residence for a professional poker player like Daniel. At the age of 4, he had started dreaming of becoming a millionaire. He wanted to gift a house to his mother in California and relocate her one day.

At the age of 15, he started sharpening his skills of becoming a professional snooker player. He would play poker, and by the time he was 16, he had graduated to visiting pool halls, playing cards, sports betting, and hustling. He eventually dropped out of Pineway Public School. He became a rounder and would also participate in illegal games. He was once married to Lori Lin Weber for two years but remarried to Amanda Leatherman 12 years after his first marriage ended.

Daniel Negreanu Gambling Career

Daniel was 22 when he decided to get a taste of Las Vegas. However, he was shocked to know that his bankroll needed a rebuild, and that’s when he decided to return to Toronto. He returned to America later and also gave poker another chance. It paid off since he has now achieved 6 WSOP bracelets including 2 WPT titles.  As of 2019, he only fell third after Bryn Kennedy and Justin Bonomo, among the most outstanding live tournament poker players. That’s because, at the time, he had won $42 million in prize money. Other titles include WPT Player of the Year, WSOP winner of the Year twice, and an induction into the PHF.


Chasing one’s dream pays off. You have to work relentlessly until you make it. That’s what Daniel Negreanu teaches us. He wanted to be rich, never gave up, and he is now rich and famous. Even when The Strip was harsh to him, he retreated, rejuvenated himself, and had a comeback.