Evolution of online scratchcards and benefits of playing scratch cards in lotteries

Well, if you want to make your gambling game easier and stress-free, try picking a scratchcard. Depending on where you are playing, scratchcards are called different names. Some call it scratchie, scratch ticket, scratch game, scratch and win, etc. However, the scratchcard is a small card made of a tiny piece of paper and plastic to secure PINs. Some areas are concealed on this scratchcard and will need you scratching off the opaque covering to reveal the PINs. Be sure to note that scratch cards were birthed in the 21st century. Casino genie remains your number one trusted portal in playing this easy and fast-growing game.


The dawning of the computer age came with an invention, suggesting a change in the gambling community. John Koza, who studied computer science, suggested a randomized game with low costs simulated by computers with instant payout. With this technology, you no longer have to wait some days before checking if your lottery number is a lucky winner. John and his marketing associate Daniel came up with the scientific game in 1974, which later became a multi-billionaire company.

Massachusetts became the first state to sell scratch cards. With Daniel Bawler’s marketing strategy, he confused them to incorporating these cards into their lottery games. This, however, was a success, and the average income was doubled from $1 million to $2.7 million in sales.

Within a few years of sales, scratchcards soon became rampant all over North America. In 1985, Cal Tigner thought of a revolution and brought scratch cards to the streets. His invention was simple, consisting of a clear plastic dispenser just like those used in grocery stores. Before these inventions, cards were put away only to be available when requested by customers. Tigner’s company sold over 200,000 pieces of scratch cards by the turn of the century.


Until now, scratch cards were played in the lottery booth. In 2010, they began playing online, which gives comfortability and accessibility at the same time. All you need do is visit the scratch card specialty section at the online casino

If you are looking for a break from the regular casino games, you might want to choose the scratch card. It’s relatively easy and straightforward. It has minimal losses and no specific strategy to win. Why should you play? You should because:

  • Your potential payout increases with an increase in your bet size.

  • Instant payout, easy, and no technical strategies to learn.

  • You need not visit a lottery booth; see the online casino

How do I play the online scratch card?

The first step is choosing an online casino. Then, you register but be sure that you are 21 years and above in other to join. The signup session is easy and straightforward; all you need to do is follow the steps closely. Fill in your bio data and verify your account by clicking a unique link sent to your mail. Upon successful login, you can sign in and claim your welcome bonus while you deposit via Bitcoin or USD. Once these are completed, you can now begin playing online scratch cards for real cash.

Be sure to note that scratch cards at online casinos are similar to those at the lottery booth. All you need to do is select your bet amount, which could range from $0.01 to $150 or more. Then you set up your playing card. After this, you get to scratch away to reveal if your online scratch card is a winner. That’s everything about playing online scratch cards.

Differences between online scratch cards and the regular scratchcards

Be sure to remember that technology has helped online scratch cards to enter the lottery community in style. Apart from the fact that the online scratch card is played online, it also comes with audio effects and animations. However, these two cards co-exist, but the online scratch cards are frequently played due to their jaw-dropping incentives. Some of the differences include

  • Anonymity:

By playing online scratch cards, you are 100% anonymous. No one but your browser and the online casino knows what you’ve been up to. It’s is, however, not the same as the physical card. If you want to keep your business private, you’d rather have it done online where it’s just you and your gadgets.

  • Bonuses:

Online scratch card players often enjoy bonuses. Online casinos often give these bonuses as incentives, and they come conveniently. Bonuses help to improve better payout chances and the player’s bankroll. Physical scratchcards do not give any bonuses.

  • Easy to play:

The online and physical scratch cards involve scratching off an opaque covering off the card to review the winning card. You’d have to use your hand for the physical card while cleaning and having to scratch gently. On the other hand, the online scratch card gives the comfort of just a click to check if your online scratch card is a winner.

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