Guinness World Record Holder Gregg Fisher Interview

A conversation about being a Guinness World Record Holder, and more besides. It’s so great to hear Gregg talk after so many glimpses into his life as a collector. We could all benefit from being so keyed into the idea or indeed reality of having a passion that we see through to the nth degree.

Being a record breaker is a far more meticulous process than many would consider. From Gregg’s insights we can see why it would be daunting for some to go through it, but then of course that’s what it takes to hold a world record. It has to meet a high standard of proof in terms of both authenticity and beyond. Not just a numbers game (in terms of chips, or anything!). No doubt that rules some people out to begin with, because there is a level of seriousness, documentation and professionalism that has to be adhered to.

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