Casino Chip World Record Update from Gregg Fisher

“We have now finished the authentication process, photos of every chip, video of the counting ( 2,222 ).

The chips are on display at Spinettis, will be Monday-Wednesday the 27-29th.

I will remove the chips and tokens on Thursday, and, start my Guinness display with the MoGH.

My goal is to finish all the paperwork by the end of the week.

After submission, I wait 12 weeks for my approval ( hopefully ).

Should be a formality, we did everything exactly like last year.

Thanks again for your continued support, I can’t thank you enough.

Stay safe and healthy


1st October Update:

The Guinness world records project is finished, I broke the record.
This morning I took all 2,222 chips and tokens out of the display and into the MoGH display.
We will start the paperwork tomorrow and hopefully finish early next week.
Once the paperwork is sent, I wait 12 weeks for Guinness to certify the record (as it’s currently pending).
Fingers crossed.


For those unable to make it (not uncommon in the current climate!) check out this video tour of the Museum of Gaming History’s Exhibitions at Spinettis:


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