Gregg Fisher – $1 Casino Chip Guinness World Record Holder

Earlier this week $1 Casino Chip World Record Holder Gregg Fisher reached out to us, in order to update an old post. Since then he has even been kind enough to make HotChip part of his collection display! Always looking to extent his Guinness world record, Gregg has sent us an update regarding his love of collecting and casinos, and why others might want to join him in this worthwhile pursuit.

“I’ve always been drawn to casinos, from when I was a boy watching westerns on tv. They were always playing poker, roulette, drinking and fighting.

I lived in Las Vegas in the 70’s, again in the 80’s and now again from 2012. I have over 5,200 chips and tokens in my collection.
The Guinness world records is for unique chips/tokens from different casinos. I like many collectors have multiple versions of chips and tokens from the same casino.

To be clear, the Guinness world records for largest collection of $1 casino and tokens , requires only one chip or token from each casino. Guinness world records requires photos, videos, spreadsheets, experts, public viewing, witness statements and cover letter. I would like to encourage others to start their collection or continue collecting. It’s a fascinating way to learn about the gaming industry around the world.

My Guinness world records is for $1 chips/ tokens in the United States only. On my next attempt I will use $1 chips/tokens form around the world. I have chips/tokens from over 20 countries and cruise ships.”

“I pick up a chip and token in every casino I enter and have relationships with a couple fellow collectors who buy and sell chips and tokens. I buy lots on eBay, even a couple of small collections. There’s a new casino opening March 25th here in Vegas. I’m going to go and get some chips.”

Gregg’s Guinness world record casino chip collection is on display with the museum of gaming history.We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as to where and when Mr Fisher breaks his own World Record. Stay tuned!

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