Hotchip feature: In Search of the Best Online Slot Games Around

According to Techportal, slot games account for the largest share of a casino’s revenue. That has to be music to the ears of every slots lover out there.

Slots are undeniably the most popular casino classic to play, as you’ll know from visiting Hotchip. Recent research reveals almost half of all casino visitors indulge in slot games. Sounds right right to me.

In contrast, other casinos such as blackjack draw in 16%, poker 6%, and roulette 5% of customers.

So, what is it about slot games that attract customers more than any other casino game?

  • Small bets on slot games can turn into enormous wins.
  • A huge variation of slot games to choose from to suit all interests
  • Slots make people feel happy by triggering the release of dopamine (the feel-good brain chemical)
  • Numerous exciting welcome offers such as wink slots free spins offer, and free cash to play.
  • Most slot games have low minimum bets, making the game affordable for most.
  • No experience, no worries. Slots are the easiest casino game to play.

But with so many slots to choose from, how can players find a game that’s right for them? At hotchip, you’ve come to the right place to hear the answer!

Here are some of the best slot games available to try on the wink slots website. You’ve likely heard about some of them already

1 – Bonanza: Megaways

For those who enjoy the idea of a wild west theme that captures the rebellious spirit of a cowboy, bonanza could be the slot game for you.

While bonanza doesn’t have a jackpot, it does have an uncapped pay-out and a good RTP of 96%.

Plus, if a gold letter appears on the reels, a player can win free bonus spins, increasing a player’s potential to strike a winning pay line.

2 – Cleopatra

If Ancient Egypt piques your interest, the slot game Cleopatra is a must-play. Throughout the game, the colours, symbols, and sound effects all work in harmony to recreate Cleopatra’s historical kingdom on screen.

The ultimate goal of the game is to land five Cleopatra symbols in a row. Players fortunate to have the queen grace the screen five times in a sequence will have their bet multiplied by 10,000! A favourite with hotchip fans.

3 – Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune features a world filled with luxury and glamour. As such, the graphics are filled with status symbols associated with the rich and famous. Such as champagne, heaps of cash, and limousines.

The bonus round is where players will have access to a potential jackpot win. Three or more symbols must be lined up in a single pay line to trigger the bonus page.

Once players reach the bonus page, they’ll see a giant spinning wheel with various cash prizes to win. Three of which are jackpot prizes!

From the wild west to the life of the rich and famous. If players have a theme or interest in mind, there’s a 99% chance there’s a slot game out there to match. Sounds good to me!

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Slot Sites and Games

There are a few things to look out for when choosing an online slot game

Alongside the above slot games to try, here are a few hotchip tips to help players choose a slot game that’s safe to use.

Use Regulated Online Slot Sites

Using a licensed and regulated casino site is essential for the following reasons:

A licensed site is monitored by an official body such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which ensures a gambling company operates safely and fairly at all times.

Using a regulated site means each player’s deposit is protected if, for instance, the company moves into administration.

Slot players can usually locate an online slot site’s licenses by referring to the bottom of the website.


Research A Slot Games RTP (Return to player percentage)

The RTP is also known as payback percentage. It’s the main factor that determines an online slot’s potential to administer a win to players.

The higher a slot game’s RTP, the better chance players have at winning a pay-out. Important news to hear when making your choice of slots to play.

Minimum Bets

Part of assessing the best available slot games out there to play is by working out which slot games are affordable.

Some slot games have lower minimum bet options than others. Suppose you’re on a budget and want to spin the reels on a slot game for as long as possible; you may want to source games that require lower bets to play.

Search for Welcome Offers

Casino sites are often inundated with generous welcome offers to entice new customers to play their extensive range of slot games.

And it’s in every player’s interest to exploit the best offers from reputable slot providers for free spins and sometimes even cash. Theis info is music to players ears.

While the minimum bet to spin the reels on most slot games is generally low. For the financially conscious and frugal, it always helps to trial slot games of interest with the slot providers’ money instead of your own!

This way, you can familiarise yourself with the game and decide whether it is worth depositing real cash to play. Sounds like a good strategy to me.

With a few popular slots to try, accompanied with the best tips available to source safe and fair slot providers online. Players can focus on finding a slot game that meets the following criteria:

  • A site regulated by an official body
  • Slot games with a high RTP
  • Affordable minimum betting
  • Generous sign-up offers

With your newfound knowledge, it’s now time to put it to use. Good luck and have fun!


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