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The focus of the Hot Chip site is almost exclusively casino related. It’s a topic those who visit the site are of course especially interested in (unless they took a wrong turn). From an active interest in the thrills of bricks and mortar casinos, to online versions of favourites casino games such as roulette, poker and slots, the action never ends. We all enjoy the excitement and the thought of winning some easy money, or in the case of games like poker using our skill and calm to bring in some welcome cash. In my experience though those interested in probability and chance can often extend their interest to sports betting and the opportunities that too can bring.

While I’m keen on horse racing and the like my main sport of choice (in terms of enjoyment via watching, as well as betting) just has to the football. There are so many leagues, tournaments and games – so consequently betting opportunities too – that night or day it’s always possible to ‘have a flutter’. And even within individual games there are betting options galore such as half time – full time results, overs/under, number of corners, red cards, player to score, the list goes on. There are so many ways in football to end up landing a winning bet that if you have a good grounding in the sport you’ll often come out on top.

Aside from betting on specific events within a game to take place, it’s of course also possible to go for the good ‘ol traditional win bet. I’ve placed many a bet on Premier League games over the years for instance, from bets on ‘dead certs’ like top teams like Manchester City to ‘also rans’ like Sheffield United (currently at the bottom of the Premier League table). Of course when betting on odds on favourites the return frequently isn’t great, and so more often than not I instead opt for an accumulator bet (aka multiple bet, or acca). This allows me to centre in on the three or four results I want to come in and if they do I benefit from greatly improved odds. It’s fun to have a bit of money riding on multiple events too as it creates interest beyond a single 90 minute game.

So if you’re looking for a break or ‘time out’ from the spin of a roulette wheel or the dealing of cards, there’s certainly something to be said for turning your eye towards sports betting and giving a footy bet consideration. You never know what riches it might bring. It’s good to mix things up, and if you take to it and come out on top you’ll be thanking me for suggesting it!

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