What Makes Themes a Crucial Part of the Gambling Industry?

You can’t deny that themes are essential to the success of the gambling industry. Throughout the years, they have appealed to customers to the point where players now have their favourites based on the title they are playing.

Themes are here to stay – empirical research on Springer Link highlights this beyond doubt – yet it’s easy to take them for granted. Users might assume that bright lights and cool sound effects are the reasons why they are so popular within the gambling sector, but this isn’t the case. To find out more about the role themes play within the gambling industry, please keep on reading.

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Brand & Production Variation

The casino sector, particularly the online casino market, is very competitive. In essence, the market is saturated, and providers must think of smart ways to carve out a niche and attract new customers regularly. This is because Investopedia points out that the phenomenon is a point when a market no longer provides demand.

Themes, therefore, give brands the power to raise awareness of their offerings because they add features to ensure formats aren’t the same. Several new casinos have implemented this strategy when hitting the market, but none more so than Fruit Kings as it uses an environmental theme throughout its website. Whether players like slot machines or table games, they get to answer the call of the wild by unearthing jewels and treasures on their journey to become the Fruit King.

Audience Engagement

Another way that themes engage audiences is by making games more relatable. A product that is fun is one thing, but one that’s exciting and reminiscent of popular culture adds another dimension to the playing experience.

This is best seen through the lens of Hollywood’s camera, with the likes of The Gladiator and Jumanji inspiring a plethora of releases that make the theme popular to this day. However, themes are flexible, which means casinos can adapt to the times to ensure their products and services are timeless. A current example is the role of Netflix’s blockbuster, Tiger King.

64 million households watched the TV series according to Variety, so it’s no surprise to see the rise of jungle titles. For instance, The Savannah King and Cats are among the most in-demand slots available on any platform.

A Bridge between Gambling & Gaming

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Gambling and gaming are markets that are intertwined. The biggest link is the introduction of in-play purchases within console titles, many of which are used within a gambling format. For example, Grand Theft Auto Online has a casino where players can place wagers, which is why WEPC reports that the market is worth around £120 billion.

There is a clear relationship that casinos want to build on as it allows them to appeal to a wider fan base. A theme acts as a bridge between the two formats because NCBI highlights how themes in popular video games have been around since the 80s. As a result, a theme is a perfect foil.

Themes set video games apart. In an era where the market has never been as competitive, and where popular culture trends merge into a single entity, this is crucial for casinos with massive gaming libraries.

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