Movies- The Cincinnati Kid

Movies- The Cincinnati Kid Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1965, at a time when stud poker was still the most popular form of poker in the United States and elsewhere, ‘The Cincinatti Kid’ is a drama fim aimed at poker ‘purists’. The screenplay, written by Ring Lardner Jr. And Terry Southern, was adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Richard Jessup, but the film was set in Depression-era New Orleans, rather than St. Louis. Original director Sam Peckinpah was replaced by Norman Jewison shortly after filming began.

Featuring the tag line ‘He’d take on anyone, at anything, anytime…’, ‘The Cincinatti Kid’ stars Steve McQueen in the title role, as Eric ‘The Kid’ Stoner, an up-and-coming young stud poker player, who seeks to succeed the aging, but ruthless, Lancey ‘The Man’ Howard (Edward G. Robinson) as the undisputed poker kingpin.Throwing caution to the wind, Stoner has his friend and fellow gambler Shooter (Karl Malden) arrange a private game with Howard. In the final hand, Stoner raises Howard $3,500, who re-raises $5,000 and, in a dramatic finale, turns over the jack of diamonds to complete a queen-high straight flush, whcih wins the pot. To add insult to injury, Howard tells Stoner, ‘You’re good, kid, but while I’m around you’ll always be second best.’

Early in the film, Stoner plays penny-pitching, or pitch-and-toss, with an African-American shoeshine boy (Ken Grant) and wins, reminding the boy, ‘You’re just not ready for me, yet!’ In the final scene, as Stoner sinks, shell-shocked, to his knees in the alley outside, the same boy taunts him to play again. He does, but loses, causing the boy to exclaim, ‘You tried too hard, man! You just ain’t ready for me, yet!’

Best UK Casino Sites in 2021

Best UK Casino Sites in 2021 2021 will bring an influx of new and exciting casino operators to the market and with it, we can enjoy more in the way of games, bonuses and features. Players have come to expect a high level of games and bonuses to satisfy the hunger for online gaming entertainment. New online casinos are launching with fully-fledged sites back with gaming options from big prize giveaways, fun slot tournaments, huge jackpots, live tournament with Texas holdem and plenty more. It can be hard to keep up with the new additions to the online casino markets but we’re here to help bring you some clarity into this.

Why play a new online casino in 2021?

The online casino market is certainly a crowded one so you’re not short of choice when it comes to picking a new casino site. Because of this, online casinos have to work hard to convince you to sign up. They do this in a variety of forms, including offering generous welcome bonuses and other rewarding incentives. Finding a good welcome offer is a good reason to sign up and take advantage of the bonus play. It gives you a chance to get a feel for the online casino without using all your own money. These first-time offers can take many forms, including free spins, match bonuses and cashback offers.

What to look at in an online casino in 2021

When you sign up to a new casino in 2021 you should take a look at the licensing and regulation. The casino should be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and they may also hold licensing from other jurisdictions such as the Isle of Mann, Jersey, Malta and more. You can check the site’s accreditation by visiting or by heading to the casino’s footer on the homepage. Also, look out for the privacy policy and responsible gaming, this all suggests the online casino is safe and take measures to abide by the enforced regulation.

New improvements in online casinos in 2021

Best UK Casino Sites in 2021

New sites mean new features and new games. The demand for online casino entertainment has only increased and as a result, new casinos are improving their product offering to satisfy the demanding casino enthusiast. This means gamification improvements; this means more engagement across the site. What’s more, new payment methods, the latest games with innovative features, interesting site themes and mascots, better mobile play and plenty more. It’s an exciting time for online gaming, the industry is growing and as a result, game developers are producing more casino content to satisfy the demand. We can expect more jackpots, prizes and winning opportunities across the best new casinos in 2021.

We would also like to encourage our readers to play responsibly.


MIT Students $8 Million Lottery Hack!

MIT Students $8 Million Lottery Hack! In the world of gambling MIT is surely best known for the antics of a professor and his students, who found a way (card counting in casinos) to eliminate the house edge in blackjack. This of course led to the best blackjack casino performance seen in years. They raked in millions, but as it turns out this isn’t only time that students at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology have used their IQ to their financial advantage.

Several years ago a group of industrious MIT students decided to analyse the local lottery game, ‘Massachusetts’ Cash WinFall’ because of how the jackpot was broken down when there wasn’t a main prize winner. The brainboxes discovered that if they bought $100,000 of Cash WinFall tickets on those days it would virtually guarantee success. In fact, buying $600,000 worth of tickets raked in a 15%–20% return.

So successful were the group in implementing this system, that many of them quit their day jobs and they brought in investors to maximise their profits. Others eventually got wind of how to exploit this loophole, but all in all the group benefited to the tune of over $8 million. Over time they fine tuned their approach yet further to further enhance their gains.

It was later revealed that the Massachusetts Lottery actually knew that the students were engaged in this scheme, but as it didn’t impact them directly they did nothing about it for years. In fact the inspector general’s report stated that officials  intentionally allowed the group to buy hundreds of thousands of lottery tickets, as it increased revenues and made the lottery more successful. The game was eventually stopped, but no action was taken against anyone. It was fun while it lasted I’m sure!

Best Odds in the House

Best Odds in the House

You just can’t go wrong on this thing!

Adapt Your Casino Game to Your Character

Adapt Your Casino Game to Your Character Most newbie players have one huge issue once coming for the first time into a casino. Choosing which game to play might be an issue, and going with what your friends tell you is rarely a good choice. You will need to choose and adapt the casino game you’re playing to your character.

There are, in general, three things to look for:

1. Level of Control

2. Competitiveness

3. Budget

Each casino game will have some mixture of these three and offer different excitements to different people. Some really like competing with other players for the winning pool, while others prefer going solo and relaxing while the machine does its thing.

Even when the games are pushed away from brick and mortar buildings and to a digital setting of an online casino, the deal is still the same. You will simply have more fun with one set of rules and goals over the other.

It should be Fun, not Stressful

With much of modern existence, we have forgotten that some things don’t need to be stressful. If you resent sitting at the poker table, just leave and find something else that will be fun. Unless you are the croupier, it is not your job to sit there.

Also, some people focus too much on how playing something will appear to others over how it makes them feel. This is the same trap as leasing a car you can’t afford, much more trouble than it is worth.

Thankfully, with the push towards online games, this type of peer pressure is dialing down. Still, you need to be mindful that it is your game and that you always deserve to have fun.

#1 Poker

Short for trivia competitions that some casinos like to host, poker is the least luck-based game you can play. Even with the random number generator (RNG) component, that is the cards, the win is most often with the experience.

The cards you are using are just a tool and even a dud of a hand can win if you make your opponents think it will. Similarly, a royal flush can sometimes only bring you the small buy-in pool and nothing else.

If you like to have control and are competitive by nature, poker is the game for you. The budget might be an issue, because good players look for high stakes, but there are penny-chip games where you can slowly develop your skills.

#2 Blackjack

Although tales about card counting are fairly common in the gambling community, and each is more fantastical than the last, they are but stories. Even real card-counting is still very reliant on chances and will only give you a bit of an edge.

That being said, there is a significant skill component when it comes to blackjack. You need to have a general idea when to hold, when to hit, and when to split, which is not something a new player will be familiar with right from the get-go.

Also, there is no competitiveness. There is no point in raising your blood-pressure when playing against the house, as you know that they always have the upper hand, otherwise you won’t be allowed to play.

Still, for those who want to have some control but prefer staying cool and employing their mind, blackjack is the place to be. It is not too intense, but can still get you riled up at times.

#3 Slots

While online slots are for the most part pure RNG, they employ a lot more strategy than they do tactics. There is also zero competitiveness, especially when it comes to online casino games.

The biggest advantage of online slots is the lightness on the budget. For the same price as ten blackjack hands, you can play online slots for hours, even if you have the utmost worst of luck.

And if you are just a bit luckier than the average you will leave with more money than you came in with. That has everything to do with slots high RTP, or ‘Return to Player’. Going through the best payout online slots, you’ll see that for some this number is as high as 99%.

If you are not competitive and want to have fun on a budget, slots are definitely for you. And unlike regular games, there are a lot of variations online, all with their own way to spice things up a bit.

#4 Roulette

Roulette is, in many ways, the opposite of poker. While it seems that there is a skill-based component in the game, there really isn’t. There is no way to know where the ball will land and you will always have the same chances for the same bet.

But, for those who really want to test their luck and are willing to splurge on predicting where the little ball will stop, roulette is the best game ever.

Also, even though you are playing only against the house, the number of players at the table will give an illusion of competitiveness, because someone will always be right and others will be wrong. And there are those who thrive on that fact.

#5 Wheel of Fortune

Depending on the casino or online operator, the wheel of fortune might just be a simplified version of online slots. There is no component of strategy or much skill to speak off. Someone with a very confident hand might try to gauge the turn, but that is unspeakably hard.

If you are just there for luck and don’t care to think about it a lot, this is the game for you. And it is generally not expensive to play, costing similar to slots.

Your chances of winning big are slimmer, but there is always that glimmer of hope that the big prize will be there with your next try