1 Million Dollar Win From $5

While gambling at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, Harold McDowell, 85, who lived in Lakewood, New Jersey, won $1 million from just $5.00. His wife was shocked that he could have won such a large amount of money.

As it turned out, he happened to be playing alongside his wife while he was playing. The man was facing her from the back, but when he turned around, he announced that he had just won a million dollars. He wasn’t able to convince his wife at first, but once she saw for herself what he was saying and the realisation hit her, she was overjoyed.

In the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, McDowell bet $5 when he chose to play Three Card Poker with a 6-Card Bonus game. As the dealer flipped over the cards, he saw a royal straight flush of diamonds that stunned him when he saw it. There were over 20 million odds against this hand being dealt.

As far as casino stories go, this was an even sweeter victory since he found out a day before that his wife had been declared cancer-free. It was made clear to  McDowell that the luck of the Irish must have been at play as she had gone through several surgeries and treatments for liver cancer, and that she was also dealing with colon cancer for years.

As stated by the Borgata Casino, McDowell had made a wager bet of $5.00 on the casino’s Three Card Poker with a 6 Card Bonus bet and won $1,000,000 when he hit a royal flush of diamonds with a six-card hand for the bet. At Borgata, this was the first time this kind of bet had hit at the table, and the odds of hitting a Bonus Royal Flush were confirmed by experts to be 1 in 20,348,320.

Sin City Win – Megabucks Slot Jackpot

According to the traditional Irish proverb, ‘Good luck beats early rising’, and the saying has never been better exemplified than by the fortuity experienced by Honolulu postal worker John Tippin at the Las Vegas Hilton in January, 1996. Holidaying in Sin City during Super Bowl weekend, Tippin, 50, invested $9 for three spins on the ‘Megabucks’ progressive jackpot slot machine; on his third and final spin, he lined up four jackpot-winning ‘Megabucks’ symbols on the bottom pay line and won $11.97 million. In so doing, he beat the previous world record for a slot machine payout, $10.8 million, set on a similar machine elsewhere in Las Vegas the previous October.

Reflecting on his windfall, Tippin said, ‘I was getting ready to play another machine when it happened. I wasn’t even trying for it.’ He added, ‘It’s surreal. The first thing I realized is my life just changed as I know it. It has me thinking about sleeping in in the morning.’

Five years later, alongside biographer Lance Tominaga, also from Hawaii, Tippin co-authored the book, ‘I Did It! My Life After Megabucks’. The purpose of the book, according to Tippin, was to tell his story in, more or less, his own words and to provide a cautionary tale for anyone following, or likely to follow, in his footsteps. The narrative chronicles his life, and that of his wife, Stella, since he became a multimillionaire and does not shy away from the difficulties, emotional, financial and social, that he experienced as a result. Tippin died peacefully at home in Honolulu in August, 2020, aged 74.

That’ll do nicely

Sports Betting Agency Selection

If you’re looking at Australian sports bets sites, you should consider the benefits of choosing a reputable and reliable betting agency. These agencies often have a better payout record than online sportsbooks and are also able to provide you with a wider variety of options. They’re also more likely to be able to help you find games that you can afford to play.

DraftKings vs FanDuel

If you are looking for the best sports betting agency in the world, you may want to consider FanDuel or DraftKings. Both sites are legal and offer great sports betting. However, they are also competing against each other.

Both sites offer daily fantasy contests and casinos, as well as online sports betting. They are legally regulated in a number of states, including Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Each state has a regulatory agency to oversee the gambling industry. While each is legally licensed, the laws vary from state to state. Some states are more strict and require a land-based sports book.

FanDuel is the nation’s largest online sportsbook. It offers a superior online interface and more live in-play betting events. The site’s live betting displays odds dynamically and provides users with the option of selecting active bets.

FanDuel is also one of the top fantasy sports operators. It awards more points for blocks, double-doubles, and steals. For games involving goalies, FanDuel awards six points instead of three.

FanDuel and DraftKings both offer early cash-outs. However, DraftKings has a higher bonus. This bonus is 20% of your initial deposit. You must use this bonus within thirty days of receiving it.

FanDuel is a licensed casino and a regulated sportsbook. As such, it is not responsible for content on external sites, as well as products and services offered on external sites.

Protecting the interests of the sport

The industry has been quite a bit on my mind lately. To be fair, I have a lot of colleagues who work in that arena. One of the more interesting facets of my day job is the opportunity to interact with a wide array of sports fans, media, and stakeholders. This has been a boon, and my list of must-dos includes a few things I never thought I’d get to do, but the experience is nonetheless rewarding. For example, a few of my colleagues and I are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a few glasses of vino with our clients. Moreover, we get to rub shoulders with our clients’ friends and relatives on a more regular basis.

National advertising standards

The best way to choose a reputable casino or sportsbook is to make sure they have a good track record. They are also likely to have a business plan, marketing strategy and product portfolio. In addition, they are probably looking for an executive that will keep them on the right path. That may mean appointing a CEO, Chief Product Officer or even a Chief Customer Officer.

In short, the national advertising standards for sports betting are not yet defined. This is a shame. If the federal government were to step up its game, the aforementioned slew of legal gambling hotspots would be much more secure. A federal regulatory agency could ostensibly regulate the more esoteric elements of the gambling industry. However, this is not the federal government’s turf. State and local regulators tasked with regulating the aforementioned boozehounds are arguably better equipped to do so. For example, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission weighed in with their thoughts on the matter, as did several national executives.

Aside from federal regulation, the most effective solution for these aforementioned gamblers would be to let them play by the rules. Indeed, many states allow sportsbooks to operate by the book. One of the most effective is the state of New York, where online and retail sports betting is already well underway.