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What Are Penny Slots

Many Americans believe that the penny is valueless. Thus, there have been attempts to abolish it and make the nickel (the five-cent coin) the lowest denomination of currency in the US. However, that will not likely come to fruition any time soon.

Penny slots online are pretty much the same as any other reel spinner, except that they have a low minimum bet limit. Despite their name, some group all games that accept bets below a nickel within this category.

Developers create these titles intending to instill a sense of safety in players, for them to think that since the bet sizes here are so small, they aren’t risking much. Affordability is the marketing ploy they use, as they aim to attract those that want to play but are not willing to risk much. If you’re inexperienced, begin with these games before moving on to 10 cent slots or accepting bigger wagers.

Best Online Casinos for Penny Slots

Nowadays, the internet is full of gambling platforms that provide games of chance, and as slots are the industry’s cash-cows, they are the main feature at online casinos. Thus, it becomes difficult to discern the best platforms overall and play penny slots online that are of a certain quality.

Finding terrific gaming sites that accept players from your country may be difficult, especially if online gambling has yet to undergo proper legislation in your region. Those from the USA struggle as it’s hard to find a decent platform that accepts US players. Experienced players recommended that you play penny slots reviewed by rating-sites that survey the casinos each month by test playing and considering user reviews. All of the mention ones feature jackpots, bonuses, free spins, coupon codes, and more that makes for an exciting gaming experience.

How to Play

As previously said, playing online casino penny slots is the same as any other game that involves digital reels turning on your screen. What you have to look out for is bankroll management. Just because you are playing for such low stakes doesn’t mean that potential losses won’t add up. You should always know when enough is enough.

Know that the casino has a mathematical edge over its players. Meaning, over time, it should always come ahead. Though in the short-term, anything is possible. Thus, when playing any slot, always look for ones with a higher RTP (return-to-player). The RTP number signifies how much the game will pay back to its players over time. In Nevada, laws mandate that the payout percentage on low stakes machines be at least 75%, while the online industry average is around 96%.

Other things newbies should look out for are the game’s volatility and its max exposure. The first explains how often the game will payout, the inherent risk. Know that titles that feature low volatility provide small wins frequently—high volatility slots pay out huge sums, but rarely. The max exposure signifies what is the largest prize that the game can provide.

The best strategy encompasses figuring out how much you can afford to lose and budget accordingly. Consider all the factors mentioned above when looking for the best online penny slots. Below is a list of the best games. They all feature minimum bet limits of only a few pennies, and you can find them at the platforms we listed above.

10 Hot Penny Slots Online

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hydet

An older game still popular due to its fantastic design and creepy atmosphere. It’s a Betsoft product based on the classic 19th-century novel that can yield impressive payouts for low-stake players. The max exposure in this medium volatility game is x480,000, while the RTP is 96.17%.

Book of Dead

Likely the best Ancient Egypt slot ever. Though quite average in most aspects, its presentation and storyline are what wins players over. You can find this Play’n GO title at 888 Casino and spin its reels for only a penny. It is a high volatility slot that features a max win of x5,000 your bet. Book of Dead’s RTP ranges, and at some sites, it is 96.21%, while at others 94.25%.


Bonanza is another low-stakes game that has become massively popular. It’s a slot that is very rich in color and can provide wins x10,000 your bet. The Big Time Gaming offering features an expanding grid format and a payout percentage of 96%. It is a high volatility game that incorporates the 117,649 ways to win scheme.

Good Girl Bad Girl

Released in 2014, it was one of the more complex games at that time. Many review sites recommended that you only play it if you have excellent internet service, as featured advanced graphics requiring heavy loading. That aside, the key reason to play this title is its ultra-high RTP of 97.79%.

Catch and Release

There aren’t many fishing-themed games in the slot-verse. However, this is one that you should look into if you are into the hobby. It is a fun and cartoony 2017 release from Nucleus Gaming, where bet sizes start at only two-cents. Catch and Release features twenty paylines and an RTP of 96.4%.

A Night in Paris

A Betsoft classic from 2011. A medium volatility slot perfect for players of any size bankroll. You can bet as little as two cents or as much as $150 per spin. It’s a five-reel, three-row game that has a return-to-player of 96.92% and a max win-potential of x954,000 your bet.

High Noon

Sadly, this game does not feature Gary Cooper, as it shares no similarities with the legendary 1952 movie, other than its name and western theme. That said, if you want to experience the Wild West while targeting big prizes via two-cent bets, this is the game for you. The payout percentage here is lower than the other slots we’ve discussed, as it’s only 94%, but the max exposure is decent at x15,000.

The Hive

The only 2020 release on our list. A cartoonishly styled game that plays out on a 3-4-5-4-3 hexagonal honeycomb grid with 30 paylines. It is a low volatility slot with a hit frequency of 48.71 and a 96.97% payout percentage. Bet start at a penny, and you can win a prize that is 378 times more than what you wagered.

Mr. Vegas

In 2010, Mr. Vegas managed to make reel-spinners jaws drop as it successfully incorporated the glamor of Sin City into a terrific 3D slot. With its visually stunning graphics and a dynamic soundtrack, it eased players into some low-stakes action (starting at two cents) that could win them a prize up to 119,700 times their bet. The game is still popular and wildly available today.


Though its main character features an uncanny resemblance to that of Russell Crowe’s Maximus Decimus Meridius, the two have nothing else in common from the movie of the same name. Nonetheless, this medium volatility slot, for two cents per bet, will allow you the opportunity to do battle inside the arena in its bonus game and win a prize that is x261,600 your wager.

Low Limit Vs. High Limit Reels

Low-limit slots are favorites of those starting and players that seek entertainment that can provide some pocket change. High-limit games attract those that have massive bankrolls and can afford to lose what they bet. Often, these are career gamblers that go after big prizes.

The games themselves are almost always identical. However, the hit frequency, how often you can win, and what size prize can change depending on your wager. Also, when playing a low-limit game, you will be able to bet more paylines than a high-limit one. So, consider all these things before spinning.

Bonuses and Coupon Codes

Before registering at any gaming site, you should do a Google search to see any available promo codes for that particular online casino. If they are, enter them upon sign-up to earn perks. After registration, look through the platform’s promotional page, and explore all the deals presented there. See how and if you can benefit from each one. Often, there will be a reload-bonus that provide free spins if you deposit on a specific day. Doing the proper research can lead to you doing some online gambling for free.

Advice to Players

If you are a newbie, then penny slots are the way to go. Sure, you can demo the games if all you are looking for is to understand the title’s gameplay, but that isn’t much fun. When there is nothing on the line, it feels like you’re watching a YouTube video instead of playing. It’s better to budget a few dollars and play them on a penny slot, one or two-cents per bet. That way, you gain experience, but you can also win a little extra and feel a rush.

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