Gregg Fisher – Update from the Road

An update from casino chip record holder, Gregg Fisher:

“I spent the month of August traveling in Mexico. As a local in Las Vegas, you need to escape the heat of summer. I visited a half dozen casinos, only, to obtain 2 chips. There’s one benefit of being the Guinness world records holder, I had to show my certificate to get the chips.

The casinos I visited were in Acapulco and Mexico City. They have very limited space, and fewer tables. You must obtain a player’s card prior to playing, either slots or table games. They do not readily sell chips, they closely monitor the action.
On the plus side, I have 2 more chips to add to my next attempt. This was the hardest I’ve had to work to obtain chips.
The first picture is from Acapulco, second from Mexico City.”
Emotion casino, Acapulco
Toreo casino, Mexico City

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